Winnie The Pooh Cake

A Beautiful Winnie The Pooh inspired Cake with play blocks.

Pokemon Cake

A Simple sponge cake decorated and inspired by Pokemon.

Only Fools and Horses Logo

Inspired by Only Fools and Horses – themed logo sign.

Robin Reliant Cake Topper

Robin Reliant from Only Fools and Horses Cake Topper.

Only Fools Batman Topper

A handmade Batman Model for the Only Fools and Horses Cake.

Only Fools and Horses Cake

An Only Fools and Horses themed cake for a 40th Birthday.

Norwich City FC

A Simple sponge cake but decorated in Norwich Union FC Kit.

Mini Minion Cake

Cute mini Minion sat on a simple round sponge cake for a birthday.

Minion Cake

A 3D Minion Cake made in vanilla sponge with a real cake too.

Fishing – Cake Topper

The fisherman with his lunchbox, fish in the lake and his cup of tea.

Fishing Birthday Cake

A tasty Vanill sponge cake and designed with the fisherman in mind.

A Handbag Birthday Cake

A very classy and elegant handbag birthday sponge cake.

Pool Table Cake

A lovely novelty cake in the shape of a pool table.

Saints FC Shirt 2014/2015

A lovely sponge cake adorned with their favourite football team.

BMW Wheel Cake

A Simple Sponge beneath the BMW wheel and tyre decoration.

VW Campervan (4)

VW Campervan in the theme of the swinging sixties.

VW Campervan (3)

VW Campervan covered in pictures of Elvis and flowers.

VW Campervan (2)

Decorated with VW Campervan in mind for a special birthday.

VW Campervan (1)

A lovely sponge cake shaped to the VW Campervan.

Snake Head Cake Topper

Sitting in amongst the grass – the snake pops his head above.

Snake Cake Topper

Made completely from sugarpaste – this Snake sits on top of the cake.

Snake Birthday Cake

A Simple Sponge cake with a Snake curled up on the top>

Smurfette Cake

A 3D Smurfette – made entirely from cake and decorated to re-create her.

Saints FC Shirt 2013/2014

A lovely Saints FC Shirt Cake for a 6th Birthday.

Saints FC Shirt 2013/2014

A simple sponge cake decorated in Saints FC Colours of 2013/2014.

Teddy Bear Cake

A pretty Teddy Bear sponge cake for a 60th Birthday.

‘A Pint’ for an 18th Birthday

A Simple sponge Cake shaped and decorated into a Pint of Beer.

Swimming at Pool Party

The guests are all playing in the pool at the party.

Eastleigh Rugby Club Shirt

Designed for the Eastleigh Rugby Club fan for his 18th birthday.

Bumble Bee Birthday Cake

This Happy little Bumble Bee is made from a simple sponge cake.

Pretty Caterpillar Topper

A Handmade pretty Caterpillar Cake Topper.

Caterpillar Birthday Cake

A Pretty pink caterpillar on a lovely simple sponge cake.

Daddy Pig Cake

A Peppa Pig Inspired Cake but with Daddy Pig in a muddy puddle.

3D Smurf Cake

Made completely of Cake and decorated to look like a real Smurf.

The Fairytale Carriage

A Close up view of the Fairytale Princess Carriage sat on the cake.

Fairytale Carriage Cake

This beautiful Fairytale Princess Carriage Cake for a special birthday.

A Builder’s Birthday Cake

A Simple sponge cake with a bricklayer and all his tools and materials.

Ten Pin Bowling Cake

A 2 tiered Ten Pin Bowling themed cake with the pins and bowling balls.

Bingo Cake

Created with a Bingo fan in mind – eyes down!!

Man Utd Football Cake

This is a 3D Football Club themed to Manchester United FC.

‘Frozen’ Inspired Cake

A ‘Frozen’ Inspired Birthday cake – a simple sponge beneath and decorated.

Pool Party Cake

A Simple sponge Cake and a Pool Party Theme for the Birthday Girl.

Lewis Hamilton Helmet Cake

Made from Vanilla Sponge Cake with logos from the F1 driver and his team.

Princess & The Frog Cake

This Frog was made from a simple sponge cake and decorated.

Princess Doll Cake

This simple sponge cake made the bottom of this pretty birthday cake.

Red Peugeot Cake

This is the side view of the Birthday Boy’s Peugeot Car Cake.

Red Peugeot Car Cake

Designed and made to match the Birthday Boy’s car.

Books and CD Cake

This Birthday Girl loves to listen to her music and read books.

Simpsons Inspired Cake

2 Doughnuts and Homer in his underwear on the ‘donut’.

Teddy Bears Picnic

A Pretty Teddy Bear’s Picnic on a Number 4 Cake.

Helmet Cake

Designed as a centrepiece for a theatrical performance.

A Pretty Handbag Cake

A pretty Handbag Cake in White, Pink and Black.

Arsenal FC Shirt

A Sponge cake decorated in the Arsenal FC kit.